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The world animal is changing. They don’t need a health reform, or an Obama that save them from nature dangers. We must remember, that although we are the dominant species in the planet Earth, we are very fragile, so delicate that a simple bacteria can finish with all the humanity (exception people so dirty that neither a fly want to approach of them) and although we have nuclear weapons it’s impossible to do a war declaration to jellyfishes for example.

Immortality is one thing that obsesses human beings, trying to understand the aging process. But there are some animals that are winning this game to humanity. I read with preoccupation this info: “'Immortal' jellyfish swarming across the world” where Dr Maria Miglietta says: “We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion

I thought that our life, how we know, would be destroyed by aliens, big meteor crashing against the Earth or fighting in a World War III, but never that jellyfishes would be the hide main characters of our destruction.

Jellyfish invasion


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