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From I opened my own shop on one of those sites where you can sell customized stuff that I received hundreds of orders every day for customizing T-shirts, mugs, magnets, calendars, etc with cartoons made by me.

I become millionaire thanks to that website, and now I’m living on the top floor of the most expensive hotel in Varadero Beach.

Every night I go to play with the nearest politicians of the emblematic Fidel and we laugh playing poker and drinking whisky until the sun appears in the morning.

I know that treasury department investigates mi activity, because I have a lot of Paypal accounts and I don’t declare the income tax or pay for my revenues.

One day all this luxury time will finish and I will go to the jail, because the good people always win, like Batman films, but while it lasts I enjoy the life that God gave me, until he send me to the hell.

I receive hundreds of orders every day for customize Cafepress items


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