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We, simple mortal human beings, don’t understand what really is happening in the world. And it results that devil exists in our lives playing hide and seek. It is what the chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth says: “I speak with the Devil every day

Where the traditional medicine doesn’t arrive to heal and the ill body stars to vomit shards of glass and pieces of iron, Gabriele is the doctor who can take out the evil and to heal the possessed.

In his paranoid mind he plays in an imaginary world where he is fighting against Satan. Don’t forget you that he likes writing, so there are a lot of books written by him that could be comparables to Isaac Asimov, because each other tell us fantastic unreal stories.

I remember when I was child that my parents tell me about a bogeyman that carried the children that behave very badly and this horrible personage when one grows it finishes to convert in the demon: “If you do something bad God won’t love you and you will go to the hell

Anyway I don’t know if it's necessary to follow fearing the people with these theories about the evil and demons that enter into us for punish our bad thoughts. It’s evident that somebody must pay our errors and who better than Satan.

In any case you must be quiet knowing that Gabriele Amorth is saving us every day of the forces of evil.


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