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There are days that would be best to rest at bed and to awake another day, because you know that this day will be horrible. And for the Doctor Mentor today was one of these days which the best manner to have passed the day had been not been awakened until tomorrow.

He had to take care of an emergency in the hospital. A man taken out of his car in a crash accident needed a quickly intervention to save his life. Doctor Mentor was reading a book titled: “Reconstructive surgery for blind surgeon” in his office when the ambulance arrived. He was on duty so for the speakers he heard his name to disgust of the chapter that was very interesting when the surgeon went to fit the pieces of his patient.

- Doctor Mentor, Doctor Mentor… Go to the emergency room! – repeated without to breathe the speakers.

Very reluctantly and following reading his book went to the emergency help. To see the patient decided to put in practise the instructions in the book and with a blindfold for to be like the surgeon of the book started to operate the patient.

The cries of the patient are sounding in the town still. Doctor Mentor, with cottons in his ears for doesn’t listen his own disaster, was in his office writing a letter of complaint to the writer of the book.

Two days after the book’s writer answered him: “I wrote a science fiction book and not a manual to operate patients asshole!


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