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To be parents isn’t easy and less to choose the names for the children. Especially it is difficult when women must to find a partner with a surname that has conflict with the name. So here I write some celebrity baby names for future parents that they shouldn’t elect:

-LADY GAGA: She has become famous for her eccentricities and I remember a concert where she showed a penis implying that she was a man. So for this fact if she has a kid the best name for him wouldn’t be BEN if her partner has the surname of ANA.

- DEFENSE MINISTER WOMAN: Nowadays there are a lot of women that become celebrities for to have a position of responsibility. Especially if they take control of a job always managed for men. Is for that single defense minister women must avoid men with the surname GUNN or HAWK if they want to name the kid TOMMY.

- PARIS HILTON: One never knows when the love will come to the life, and for this precious moment it’s evident that it’s irrelevant the surname of your partner. The important is to love and in nine months the fruit of love. Happiness for us, if she falls in love of a man who his surname is FELLER and they decide to name the kid ROCKY.

- CANDIDATE ACTREES: Who never has dreamed to be a cinema celebrity? The story is simple: you receive a role for a film, you fall in love of the main actor, you get pregnant of him and you decide to name the child HOLLY, but is too late to change it when you remember that the surname of your partner is WOOD.

If you become a celebrity think about the name of your future children to don’t fall in the ridiculous!


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