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Some days ago I was telling here in the blog about whether would exist life after the death. And the consequences for people that think we only live this life and after nothing are waiting for us. This thought is put in order for the Catholic Church by the bible saying that “if you are good the heaven will wait you”. Luckily a lot of people think how Catholics because if not it will be the anarchy living the life to maximum and doing what they want.

The inescapable fact is that from early history millions of human beings have died and been buried. If really they would have survived in other shape of life we waited to hear some words of them, some information about how they are living or some advice for the people that are resting in the Earth.

Woman ask fortune teller for a recipe of her grand-mother died

However, we have never heard a message of them. Is not it weird? Where are those millions of people dead? I take a quote of Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad that says more or less: “If the died survive, it’s evident that its brain no


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