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To be weatherman is dangerous. He always wants to demonstrate “in situ” what is happening really: “if it's snowing, if it's raining …” but sometimes the elements that are around may turn against him.

It happened to Steve Jacobs of Channel Nine's Today Show who was attacked by a Pelican when he was doing his weather report. After you can say that all that was prepared for the show because the weather section on TV has become a show more similar to a reality show to attract the public attention.

In this little time where the weatherman reports about what weather we will have the next day can happen nothing or a lot of things. A serious report bores the public but if he gives another point of view to the section or he is placed on the point where the climate change is happening it’s evident that it is funnier.

But as well as the show he must get right with the weather. Nothing is more dangerous than to say that tomorrow will be a sunny day and when you go out to the street it’s raining. So the weatherman, this error, is punished by the public with phone calls, mails … complaining for his bad prediction. In some cases he has been beaten for to ruin a romantic week-end.

Is for that is a dangerous profession: “as well as to fight with the elements that are around him when he is showing the weather effects in the place, he must to get right with the weather if not want to be insulted by the public.


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