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We have assisted in all this time at advances in medical science and the transplantation of organs between humans is nowadays the daily bread. You can receive a kidney, a hand, a leg… from another human and the surgery gets it in your body with fantastic results. Even it is a success that mafia deal with organs and on the black market is a lucrative business.

But a new generation of medical surgery is advancing. It’s about to get that organs of animals can help human deficiencies too. This info appears in the newspapers: “Pig lungs in human transplants move step closer” It will be the first animal-human transplant that will have place in the history within five years. So a new generation of mutant humans: “half animal-half human” will be born.

Pig man eating and drinking beer and watching the super bowl

The most disturbing is that will be the pig, the ugliest and dirtiest animal in the Earth which will give a new dimension at humans. I thought that would be monkeys that are closer to us. But not, finally science bet for the pigs. How if we did not have enough with the swine flu!

People don’t believe but in the end, the Muslims will have reason to hate the pig.


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