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Health authorities always say us that to smoke a cigarette is dangerous and we can finish with serious problems. Despite of warnings that they give us even on the cigarettes packet with spooky sentences how: “Every time you smoke, God kills a kitten” people follow with this bad habit. And after it is not weird to read on the newspaper news how this: “Smoker loses six teeth when cigarette explodes in his mouth

Gas leak?, Bacteriological warfare?, Antrax? Not, it was the boss who had lighted a cigar?

To be a non-smoking is dangerous too, if for example you work how waiter in a restaurant where people can smoke without stop. The amount of smoke that these collective swallow during a day can be considered how if they smoke two or three cigarettes packets.

The best manner to combat against who are smoking is to carry a mini fire extinguisher in the pocket and when you see one person that are smoking and he is disturbing you with the damn smoke is the moment to take out it and spray him. Sure that after this action can to pass two things:

1/ The furious man gives a punch to you.
2/ He, embarrassed, apologizes this situation and benefit the foam extinguisher for shaving him.

Either way to smoke is a sure death!


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