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I don’t know how the future will be, but sure that it won’t be how this present. Technology is advancing, and a lot of new gadgets are going out to the market. It was how when our great-great-grandparents lived the revolution with the apparition of the plane that allowed them to fly in the sky.

One similar thing is happening now. Recently an enterprise from New Zealand is starting to sell “JET PACKS”. It consists about an apparel that you put in your back and pressing a button you get to fly in the sky how a bird.

Man flying how a bird discovers God

For the moment, if you have money you can get it easily and there aren’t restrictions neither laws that forbidden to fly with this machine and it doesn’t require a pilot’s license.

But apart wealthy people that sure will persist in foolishness for it or army that sure use it for invasion, this invention want to be marketed for emergency services: firemen, rescue teams … that can help a lot of people in a risk situation. This last would be the best option.


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