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How happens with pack of cigarettes where there is health warnings about the hazard to smoke, the British government want to oblige that on alcoholic beverages the producer sticks an etiquette with some advices for not abuse of these drinks.

It isn’t a bad idea, to put a signal of warning that indicates how dangerous an alcoholic drink is for the health. The problem with these things is always the same:

- Alcoholic people is in general illiterate and don’t know read. They only know to distinguish one bottle of VODKA and WISHKY for the “W” when they are seeing double.

- For many advertences that there is in the TV about the hazard to drive with alcohol in the blood people follows dying on the road about this cause. So a simple etiquette warning on the bottle is how a joke for them.

- If with sentences on the pack cigarettes how: “To smoke kills yourself and people that are around your smoke”, people are following smoking, with a sentence how: “To drink alcohol is bad for your health and for people that are around your bad breath” people will break of laughter.

The wife replaces bleach for alcohol

There's nothing like getting drunk with water!


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