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Always that one reads news about advances on medical science is glad how a lot of opportunities are in progress for people that need these changes. But not all is nice, after these new developments, the advances can carry side effects too. We can see an example of that in this info: “Do we want brain scanners to read our minds?

It is a good new for people that are in vegetative state stuck to a machine, people that are living but isn’t aware, or simply that the brain don’t work more but they can do others functions. In these cases the neuroscientists are advancing trying to establish contact with the patient. Through some cables and a clever computer they can do to reaction the person for “to detect signals related to changes in the flow of blood within the brain, in response to the local demands” It is a great step to try a true communication with a body that seems asleep.

But in the other way these advances, and here is when one stars to wonder if this invention can be used with others propositions that nothing have for medical purposes:

- To control the freedom of thought.
- To know how a politician speech works in the listener brain for to modify and that it arrives deeper.
- To peek into the minds of customers: Neuromarketing.
- To interrogate people similar to “The truth machine”

Will be the future of people controlled by machines that can read our minds? It is science-fiction or reality?


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