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One wakes up in the morning, prepares the coffee and opens the newspaper in the laptop computer and the first info where the eyes fall is on: “Penguins in Antarctica to be replaced by jellyfish due to global warming” and one finishes for waking up outright.

Penguin against jellyfish fighting in the Antarctica

Climate change is evidence or not. The own Earth follows its way, so there are reasons to think that a lot of external factors can determine how the weather is changing. That human factors are accelerating this process is an opinion that a lot of experts are saying too.

And animals are the worst injured because they are the weak element in the nature, where human species are who domain the terrain. So if these animals that are endangered don’t search how to adapt their feeding, temperature … they can die and disappear for always and be replaced for others species stronger.

If we wait politicians fix it we have one’s head in the clouds.


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