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Our brain determines a lot of situations in the life. It controls all our body, the emotions, and all that is happening around us. A recently report say that: “Researchers believe they have identified why people are afraid to lose money after they identified a brain region that ensures most people avoid taking reckless risks with money”.

This is an important situation that sometimes our brain is in conflict with a decision:

- I need to invest some money for developing a project. But I have two children and this money is necessary for giving them the best education. What must I do?

The answer to this question depends about an amygdale that is within our brain and “is closely tied to an inbuilt fear of losing money”. So if you have damaged this amygdale you have less possibility to have successful than another that have the amygdale working in good health.

Managing director thinking on the company benefit

Every time we have less power of decision about the things that one decides to do. Scientists always take out some elements within us that indicate that really they manage our body.


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