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After he creates the world in seven days he decided to see would happen in the Earth. Alone, left in a strange ground where any weather climate change is treated how a God punishment and always praying for that a simple rain improve the season harvest. Sometimes I think that God instead to create a Paradise he made the hell and then was when the devil was born. So God, how a kind of Victor Frankenstein, himself creates his antonymous.

God captured by The Devil in Haiti

If God exists, thing that is unlikely, it’s evident that Port Prince in Haiti will be now a Paradise. He with his powerful hand may have stopped the Earth quake and the people will be safely. But not, he one more time left people alone in front of the danger. It is how if he doesn’t accept his responsibility in his creation, or how if his invention, how happens with the monster creates by the Dr. Victor Frankenstein, gets out of his control.

Is for that human imagination creates the superhero: a figure that save us of all evils that plague the Earth, a mega-powerful human that fight against the evil. Because God follows laughing in the heaven seeing how who watch a rugby match and enjoying with the game. Only that, superheros they are lie too.


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