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From this humble blog I have contacted with the clairvoyant “Mr. Dumbo” who can hear voices from the beyond that say him what will happen in the future and these are his predictions for this New Year 2010:

1_Deaths in the route will continue happening. People don’t have awareness that to drive a car is how an Al Qaeda member with a bomb stuck on the body.

2_Climate change will remain advancing. Politicians don’t finish taking an accord that allows stopping pollution. So if doing a pleasure cruise the ship hit an iceberg and the crew dies you can demand responsibilities to the politicians and to charge them an economic compensation.

3_There is a possibility between a million that Obama, this year 2010, can fall in a Lewinsky affaire. Many women approach him all the days and the flesh is weak and Obama isn’t a stone.

4_Israelians and Palestinians won’t stop their particular war. The flame of your dispute feeds newspapers, newscasts… so it is a source of income for them and isn’t interesting that the conflict finish for now.

5_A devil will be born this year. With his weeping heavy rain will fall in the Earth and with his tantrum strong earthquake will shake the plate tectonics.

Previsions for the New Year 2010


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