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What a cartoon can do feel for that a terrorist want to kill a cartoonist? There are fanatics about their religion that a simple caricature, that is only a picture in a paper, can cause a diabolical masturbation of anger in his little brain. Because an illustration that can represent a funny situation fancied by the author, it is only this: "ink jets on a paper". This cartoon can’t represent a threat; neither a caricature will kill anybody. It will be a paranormal success if a personage will go out of the paper and really killed a person.

A terrorist try to kill the cartoonist Juan Rubio

But for addicts to religious beliefs, that only the word of their religion has worth few import, for them only are important that if anybody thinks different to kill them. And anything excuse is good to execute the action saved in their mind: “to kill people that show don’t believe how them” This action or manner to think shows us two things: 1/ Killers are completely dominated how robots by their bosses and 2/ They don’t have personality and don’t understand what the life really represents in the society.


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