To search a work is always difficult, especially if you search any specific job where get the objectives that you have marked how priority, in relation with your studies and academic formation. Because in the most occasions you must conform with a simple job that help you to pay the bills and give the sufficient money to eat, to dress up, … all the days. A lot of people don’t like your job and would to change for the best, but the competence is hard and you must fight the double for get it.

This info in the Mirror worries me: “Facebook is 'obstacle to jobseekers', claim researchers” With the new technologies and especially with Internet, people left a lot of personal data in some social networks. It can be dangerous when you search a work, because nowadays many enterprises ask for if you have accounts on the internet that tell more about your personality. If you have an impeccable curriculum but on the Facebook you have the worst profile possible it’s evident that you won’t get the job.

But the most disturbing about this info I wonder: “if for to see the profile, photos, comments,… of a person in Facebook is necessary to add how friend, because if not is impossible to know about this person, in a job interview if the recruiter ask for your account in Facebook people are you so silly how for give him the account name and moreover to accept to be his friend?"

It is how if the employer orders a private detective that follows you the week-end for to see if you are a drag queen. What you make in your free time is for you not for the employer. The important is to do the work the best possible with good behaviour, timeliness and correctness. What isn’t correct is that the employer wants to control all the activities of his employees.

Freedom in your free time!

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