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There is a niche of market where people are so alone that need the company of an animal for feel that they have company. Is truth that a dog, cat, hamster, fishes… can do a good company and the feeling of solitude is less evident. But for others aren’t sufficient to have a pet, they need a human company or anything similar. Sometimes isn’t possible to have a person of flesh and bone next you, for different circumstances. In these cases is when the word HUMAN ROBOT comes to the imagination.

Recently the inventors have found the solution for these people that need a human robot: “Foxy Roxxxy world’s first 'sex robot' can talk about football” It must be for these fanatics of the round ball pursued for eleven men in short shorts. They are all the day sit down in the sofa drinking beer cans watching football matches in a TV channel of payment. And when the night arrives they need a girl company for vent the tension accumulated watching the matches.

Man having sex with a robot girl

It is the ideal solution for them because moreover she will speak about football while are making love. What a great invention gentlemen inventors, a lot of lonely football fanatics will be very grateful. Goodbye inflatable doll.


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