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The new advertising campaign of underwear Armani collection will have Cristiano Ronaldo how star instead David Beckham. After an exhaustive casting Mr. Armani decided that the ex-Manchester United was the best placed for to show his legs and package.

On exclusive for this blog a vulgar thief sold me, for a few dollars and a ham sandwich, a leaf notebook where Armani had written the others possible candidates to wear his famous underwear. I recognize that for a minor blog how is it one must resort to black market to get exclusives and try to get famous too and to win a lot of money. So here you are the paper where Armani wrote some doddles about the ideal substitute for Beckham before to decide that was Cristiano the best:

Possible substitutes for Beckham on underwear

Sometimes I wonder if when a girl-friend buys for you an Armani underwear she thinks more in Ronaldo or Beckham than in herself boy-friend. Because after all are surprises if she is thinking in the package Cristiano size and when she offer you and you open the present it is higher than you usually use. So in the most cases the gift is often returned to the shop for a smaller size.


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