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Technology and science are advancing with big steps, so we have a future full of science-fiction. Things that are only in the Isaac Asimov books or in the brain imagination will be reality in a future not very distant. And one of these paranoiac inventions will be: “The machine that can record your dreams and to make a video film with them” The system is very simple: You are connected to a machine while you sleep so the dreams are processed by the software and registered in an archive.

It is the future of the cinema: paranoid stories that will go out of the people dreams. Neither the best script writer will can imagine scenes so funny or terrible how a dream is. “Nightmare on Elm Street” doesn’t will be nothing compared with the horrible bugaboos that a person can have. So you can jump to the top celebrities and to be more famous than Tim Burton.

It will be compatible with the traditional cinema industry but will go out a series of new jobs:

- Film critics will be replaced for clairvoyants, warlocks, witches, psychoanalysts … that will offer all sorts of interpretations and amazing answers to the film.

- Dreams assembler: person that will analyze the dream and give it a sequence similar to a film, because sometimes dreams aren’t in a nice order to follow it.

- Dream catcher: person dedicated to find new talents.

It would be funny that would be reality a day.


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