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The risk of feel desire for an exotic animal and to have got one is evident when the creature is out of its nature. There are animals that can adapt to circumstances and in the environment around them, but there are others that if you draw out the consequences can be terrible for the poor animal. So stories how: “Kamikaze iguanas fall from Florida's frozen trees” are true and not urban legends.

Frozen Iguana and joker child

It’s evident if you are walking quietly in the little park of your neighbourhood and suddenly to see the neighbour’s iguana perched in the branch of a tree is how to scare anybody. And worst if instead a leaf is an Iguana who fall near you it is even worse. But there are people that these things aren’t important for them, they only want their happiness and few import if the dangerous animal that they have got is capable to kill half neighbourhood.

And less import for them if the animal lives in the best conditions or not. It is clear that there are keepers that try to build the same conditions where the creature lived, but when the weather changes in their region it is how a little impossible. The animal acclimation it arrives a moment that can't adapt to the new wheather. If not, these stories about Kamikaze frozen iguanas would not be relevant infos in newspapers and would be urban legends.


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