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Scientific searchers are always investigating about the existence of intelligent life in the spatial space. But what do they understand for “intelligence”? Are they searching any like Paris Hilton or Stephen Hawking? In any case is difficult to think that far away there are some creatures that if they get a Earth life signal would be capable to answer us.

Aliens get a Earth life signal

It depends of evolution level where they are. If these extraterrestrials are in a primitive period hardly will be to contact with them, because even they can think that this signal that arrives them is a God punishment. Or for example if in a distant planet of the galaxy only are living similar creatures to our birds it will be less improbable that they want to know more about us (especially if they can think that they will finish in a cage how pet)

And if they are more intelligent than us it’s evident that they are cleverest and they rest quiet at home without to give life signals if not want to be entering in an absurd war with this gang of warriors that are Earth conquerors.


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