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You can be the best person in the world, unable to kill a fly, but when you pass through the airport scanner you seem a delinquent. This story happens because a man without brain wanted to put a bomb in an aeroplane and to kill all the innocent passengers. And few years ago a crazy fanatic gets it with the disastrous consequence that all the people know.

Security member discovers an suspicious object into an airplane

Nowadays anything liquid or object that want to pass the airport security is susceptible of to be a weapon of mass destruction. The info says: “Bottles of honey force closure of Californian airport” It’s a little sad that you can’t to carry some presents to a relative without suspicion. And after you must to reply some questions that authorities ask you with the corresponding feeling of culpability that the situation give you.

For more security that has in the airports the freedom feeling that has a person is lost by fault of these four fanatics that dare to fight killing people in the name of their freedom.


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