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What do you do on your free time? One works all the day and between this little time that there is when you finish the workday and the time to go to the bed is the free time: "Some beautiful free hours for you or not". Because after the work there are people that continues working at home: to prepare dinner, to bath the children, to clean a little the house … This info: "We have lost the skills of gardening that were always in us” come to say us that one of the things that we have lost is the fact to care the garden, balcony or little terrace with plants.

Human species is farmer in their primitive nature. They should care the harvest, to work the land for they gave some fruits and legumes to eat… but with the evolution it has been losing in the way. Nowadays, some children that are living in big cities don’t know how a potato grows or they think that the milk is born in the supermarket.

Milk carton in a pot

Technology is replacing gardening. People prefer to watch what happens on the Facebook that to take time to care the plants that are shrivelling in the balcony. In the big city, for example, people that are living in flats, apartments... where is impossible to dedicate a few time to cultivate tomatoes, enough is if you have a little plant and even that it doesn’t be of plastic matter.

The free time is changing and gardening seems that is for the new generations how things of grand-parents.


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