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With the world crises, that it continues still even for the rich people that instead a sailing ship must conform with a yacht, to sell the house is a little complicated, especially if you don’t have taken some precautions for the visitors:

1/ An empty house isn’t the best manner to show of possible buyers, because a lot of imperfections can be seen. But a house full of furniture and an accurate decoration can to attract false buyers that can be thiefs.

2/ Huge pieces of furniture or enormous pictures in the wall don’t give a good image, because behind can try to hide ostentatious deficiencies in the apartment, how for example: stain damps, flakes must to humidity, a hidden little window that go to a nasty kitchens yard …

3/ To put the hear on the wall of the bedroom is always advisable. Never would imagine what behind can have: the neighbour’s toilet (a lot of disgusting noise in the middle of the night can wake you) the neighbour’s kitchen (in the middle of a nap you are wake with the coffee maker), the neighbour’s laundry room (the eternal noise of the washing machine that never finish) …

4/ Never tell to buyers that in the house died the maid and then try to show them the basement because they will go out quickly.

5/ Distrust if you read in the newspaper advertisements how: “House for sale with views to the mountains” and they don’t give more explanations. These ads are pure marketing strategy. Sure that these “mountains” are a simply appeal and really the house is near a giant rock.


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