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Handmade writing is falling into obscurity. In many schools children are replacing typical pens for computers, so when they must write use the keyboard. It isn’t a definitive step, but progressively the tendency is to finish writing with a kind of Arial, Times News Roman or to choose the best for you in the file letters. Myself, for example, a few years ago I wrote my cartoons globes with a pen, but after that I had the computer quickly I changed it for a computerized letter.

I'm writting a globe with a pen

The same when you write with a mobile phone a message. In this case you use your fingers for type the sentences, but isn’t your true handwriting. It seems how an impersonal manner to communicate because and especially you use a short language that doesn’t have a correct spelling. Or in the past, we had the typewriter and it was worst because the machine only offered a unique kind of letter and moreover if you did a mistake you should to correct with the horrible “white erase paste”.

Computer offers a lot of possibilities when you write but is how a little impersonal. Nothing how the true handwriting to sing a postcard, a love note, the shopping list… The ballpoint pen business has a lot of years ahead still.


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