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Faith moves mountains, and you can ask to Mohammed who of these things knows enough: “He talked to the crowd saying that when he would give an order a mountain would come to him and from it he would preach. But when he called the mountain it didn’t come to him. So he said: If the mountain don't come to Mohammed, I will go to the mountain”

Religious beliefs are always in the mind of people that need how a type of miracle to get that they desire. One of the most typical is to touch a stone for to get pregnant. This conviction is strong for the woman that after years trying to give birth doesn’t get it, so she appeals to the hope and faith for get her objective.

pregnant of a multiple birth for touching many times one stone

There are stones that have a special power or energy, for example: the magnetic stone, which has the attraction power. So it is possible that by touching a singular stone, it gives you the energy to get pregnant. The power of the nature is always unknown for us and it gives us a lot of remedies how medicinal plants, magical stones, ... that the most people treat how witchcraft.

Sometimes, when science and medicine can’t help you, the only thing that rests to humans is to turn to the religious beliefs, healers or paranormal things.


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