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Can a simple cartoon to cause an international incident? Yes, Australians are angry for a cartoon appeared in the Indian Newspaper Mail Today where the cartoonist R. Prasad would to criticize a police actuation where an Indian student in Australia was killed in a race attack.

The cartoon in question showed a figure with an Australian police badge wearing a pointed white hood and said: “we are yet to ascertain the nature of the crime” Australian authorities are incensed for this cartoon that represents Australian police likes KKK member.

It’s the first figure that comes in the brain when you see appear in action a dressed up man with a white tunic and in the head a cone hood: “It’s a KKK member” but it’s wrong because there are the penitents too who use the same costume. The cartoon could say too that the Australian police search the penitence. But the first thing that they have thought was that it was an offensive cartoon against a valued institution how is the police searching in the deeply of their imagination that it represented a KKK member.

Yes, is my manner of try to defender the cartoonist that I’m sure that was carried away for the anger in his imagination. Sometimes, cartoonist must know to bite his tongue and to be more subtle, but there are moments where the odium is stronger that the hand who signs a simple cartoon and it dominates the doodle in the paper.

That everyone learns from their mistakes!


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