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Why animals don’t dominate the Earth? In the first time of life in the Earth there were more animals than humans, so they hadn’t known to conquest the ground. When God creates the world in seven days: Did he contemplate that human species would dominate the Earth over the animals? or: Did he leave that animals and humans fight in the nature for the power control?

Human brain intelligence prevailed about little baby mind of animals. They only know to get meal and sleep in a vicious circle. In most cases they have known to adapt with humans and give them a nice companionship, the same for they have been so generous how for to serve how food and nutrients for the human organism.

What must think a little prawn about all this? His life is a shit, only to eat, to breed and to finish in a delicious cocktail to delight of humans. Sure that many animals would be to carry another kind of life. Although there are cases how for example the peacock that nothing had to envy to Paris Hilton, it has all the glamour and beautiful that the celebrity, what only doesn’t have is money and intelligence.

And although animals have killed a lot of people, on different circumstances and never declaring the war to human species, we are the evil for them. It seems how if God only creates them for enjoy of humans (see cocks fights, dogs races…) Animals feel too that God left them to their fate.


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