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It’s extraordinary how a superior existence was capable to create all the wonders that reign in the Earth. In return, another amazing creature was capable to create all the diabolic things that do life in the Earth a hell. It is the eternal dilemma about the black and white. I like the film Unbreakable, where Bruce Willis search because he is a superhero and discovers the existence of another creature that personify the evil.

All the world know that when the things are made quickly the consequences can be terrific. If you contract a builder for to rebuild the bathroom and he finishes the work in one day sure that the next day all the wall tiles will fall, the toilet won’t support your weight and will break, the mirror sure that will be twisted, the lights in two days won’t work, the bathtub will weep and when you recline in the washbasin it become detached of the wall.

Seven days was few time for create the world that we know. God left a lot of details to complete what would had been a really wonder world. But, how the worst builder, he wanted to run fast for to finish the work. Imperfections are evident when for example you watch one nature reportage in TV and suddenly appears a griffon vulture eating the dinner rest of lions. How a good divinity can create similar nasty animals? Did was drunk God when he thought in that criminal scene or it is the devil work?

Either way we are living the life that God in the depth of his imagination created for us. There are religions that think that we must agree all that God made for us, and is for that we go to church to express our feeling until him and pray for him fix some bugs that the world has.


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