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A few days ago my neighbour carried his computer to an establishment for repair it. He thought that a virus had damaged it and he didn’t know how to solve the problem himself so in these cases he always opts for doesn’t touch the things that one doesn’t understand and to let it in professional hands, because the remedy is sometimes worse than the disease. So after a week waiting the reparation the salesman called and said him: “Your computer is dead. Nothing is possible to do. You can pass to pick up it or we carry it to the recycling centre” He thought that it was a joke and went running to the establishment for retrieve his computer.

The next day he came to my home and told me the story. I was hallucinating. But how an establishment that in his sign says: Computer Repair, all the problems solved instantly, can to reply in that manner to a customer? Really these kinds of bunglers exist, and to find with them is how to enter in an operation room for appendicitis and to go out with a leg missing. I said to my neighbour that put a complaint in the customer service office, but he had lost the repair delivery note.

- We can try to repair the computer - I said him - I know a web page where simply calling to them they can resolve the problem online.

- I don’t believe very much - he responded me - I trust more in a physical person that in a person that you don’t see. I think that happened me is an exception.

But obstinate how I am, that I carried the computer damaged to my home. I called the computer repair service online and in five minutes they said me how to kill the damned virus leaving the computer safely.

Sometimes, the simple things we do them very difficult.


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