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There are people that are unable to kill a fly and there are others that carry the violence with them. Some people are for they have an illness that give them this kind of behaviour and the rest is for that the anger is very heavy and they can’t to control the good actions that always say us the society.

It’s evident that a celebrity person can’t like all the world but not for that is the occasion to punish him with a strike in his face.

Recently we have watched in TV how famous people were stricken in their face for crazy people. You can remember how Bill Gates was hit with a cake, George Bush Jr. with a shoe, and few days ago Berlusconi and the Pope Benedict XVI attacked for people with mental problems.

Luckily these actions don’t take more that the scare, because there are others famous people that didn’t have the same luck: John F. Kennedy and John Lennon that were killed.

Fortunately it is only four fanatics who care to do it. Worst will be that a crowd pounce to the famous. In this last case the word to define this action will be: revolt of the masses.

Either way it’s evident that everywhere a dement person can go out, jump all the security systems and get the hated person.

Any precaution is little when one becomes celebrity!


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