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Cosmetic industry provides people a lot of products which try to rejuvenate, to reduce trouser sizes, remove wrinkles …and is true that all these merchandise is controlled, analyzed and tested by specialised laboratories, but there is another dark type of industry that doesn’t import what happens if you consume their manufactures. They don’t have anything quality control and their suppliers aren’t great precisely. One of these awful suppliers is the Peruvian fat vampires.

Peruvian fat vampire selling his production

This about “fat vampires” is a legend, but recently: “Peruvian police officers claimed to have broken up a criminal gang that had been roaming the Andes, murdering peasants and draining the fat from their dead bodies in order to sell it to the cosmetics industry” So when you go to an establishment to buy some products for your personal care, read carefully the etiquette and look closely that the product doesn’t have anything strange. If not, can be that the cosmetic instead to slenderize your figure it makes you fatter.


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