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The best connexion to connect by satellite on the internet is placed in the summit of the Everest. And there above John Reno, private detective for friends and enemies, was searching a page with a list of games to play casino.

A man engaged him to a complicated affaire: to find the Yeti. The man offered to John one million dollars, the highest quantity never presented and impossible to reject. So he did the suitcase and travelled to The Himalaya.

To climb the mountain was easy. A good weather and following a secret way that hikers had built and only few people knew was how to eat a delicious ice. He was frozen but glad to have encountered Las Vegas Online: “Welcome to the party!” said to him the web. And started to play in a slot machine for to warm up.

His addiction to play in casinos online doesn’t have limits when he has free time. And how he was tired to walk around the mountain without to find the Yeti, he had a breather in the summit, though to breathe was very difficult for the lack of oxygen.

Some games after and with the pockets full of money decided to down The Everest and to return at home. He would say to the man anything excuse for haven’t found the Yeti, so he knew that never would be paid because always his customers found the manner to cheat him.

In the rush to abandon the place he forgot his laptop in the summit. It was very late to return and recuperate it because started a snow storm. He was looking to the top crying for his portable computer when saw to appear a big white shadow there above. John heard the sound of his unmistakable laptop keyboard. Somebody was typing in.

“I hope that it won’t know how to transfer money from PayPal to a bank account. If not, I’m sure that all the funds that I have when I arrive to home will be disappeared,” thought John Reno with tears in his eyes.


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