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Helen turned addict to buy online. And she doesn’t glad with her first acquisition that started to see for more Louis Vuitton handbags. Not only drugged for the magic world that the big web represents if not also for the figure of Louis Vuitton. “I want to know him in person - thought – even if it cost me to divorce of my husband”

She went to see John Reno, private detective. She has seen an advertisement from him searching in Google. Lucky he lived in the same city that her. When he sat down in front of him she presented her proposition. John Reno didn’t know if was his cigarette smoke or that didn’t feel very good with the breakfast, but he thought: “This woman didn’t be right on her brain and never a work proposition was as easy to complete how it”.

“I accept the subject," said to Helen "in a few days I will give you an answer”

Some days after, John called to Helen. She was nervous waiting for the fancied meeting with the famous French business magnate. But the John Reno’s answer was how a piano when drop in your head.

“I lament say you this new, but he is dead. He died in 1892 so it’s impossible to do a meeting with him, unless you want to meet him in the cemetery.”

Helen rose from the chair, slapped John and went out of the office giving a slam. Another time he remained unpaid for a service. The worst was that he would buy one of these Louis Vuitton bags with the payment of Helen for a girl that had knew in a chat online, but one more time a client found the manner to cheat him and he was too much lazy to contract a debt collectors.


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