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When the work is finished Santa Claus always thinks that is the moment to retire. He loads in his back a lot of years carrying toys and presents for all the people in the world. It is a hard work for one only person and the years old weigh a lot and he isn’t a kid how to support this voluminous workload.

But the first problem for him is to find the moment for the retirement, because he doesn’t have offspring. It is for that he continues year after year sharing goodness and happiness between the people.

In any case we don't know if he has remained an issue with some girl because the gossip press and paparazzis don't have had the opportunity to catch red-handed him.

Is Santa Claus immortal? Yes, until people don’t believe more in this icon. When the most people star to think that all is a magical human invention, when people star to think that paranormal things aren’t reality … it will be in this moment when Santa Claus will disappear. And with him a lot of others products took out of imagination brain.

But few import if Santa Claus disappears a day, because people always need a symbol, a personage that replace it, because is how a requirement for follow thinking that a magical world is behind us.

It will be sad that a day the Nothing, how happens in the book “The Neverending Story” eats the real world.


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