Helen was in the hairdressing saloon. She wanted a new look, a new style which her husband drop again in love of her, how in the first instant that they met and the hearth didn’t stop to beat. But only with a hairstyle she thought that didn’t be enough. While the hairdresser strove for untangle her hairs Helen read a gossip magazine and stopped in a page where talked about Louis Vuitton handbags. “Wow -thought- with one of these I would to conquest the hearth of anybody”

Leaving the establishment walked pensive about the new hairstyle and looked herself in the show-windows. How she had some free time before to return to the office Helen decided to stopped a little in the centre mall. She knew that a Louis Vuitton shop was placed there and she would to see the Louis Vuitton bags that she had seen in the magazine. “Wow –thought- they are very expensive” And with the frustration in her body went to a “Chinese shop” near of the work and bought a bag for only 3€.

In the office a coworker asked her what happened in her head that all the afternoon was distracted only watching the computer screen. Helen told tearfully about to buy an expensive bag that she didn’t afford. “But it’s not difficult –said her colleague- Internet is full of good offers and you can to buy all that you like with derisory prices. I will help you, don’t worry about it. I like to watch all that happens about offers, prices, bids, sales…”

The next week Helen was walking with her husband arm in arm with a Louis Vuitton bag hanging in her shoulder. She thought that Internet was how a dream comes true. And that although she was a little clumsy with all that Internet represents she went to put more hours to investigate about what happens in the web. Above all if she can to get dressed how a celebrity without to spend a lot of money.

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