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Following with the post where I talked about: how to be a celebrity and not die trying, I think that it’s strange that Jesus Christ wants to appear in an electric iron. But if this image really shows up and it isn’t a trick I have clear the message that he wanted to transmit: “World’s end is near, and you will be pressed by a burning iron that will come from heaven” It can mean that a warm meteor could drop in the Earth and squash us. So you know what do you must have to do: Every man for himself!

Jesus Christ appears in an electronic iron

These stories about divine apparitions aren’t new. Throughout history a lot of miracles, ghosts, and paranormal events had been happening. How many times the virgin Maria had been seen near an olive tree? Or how many faces of spirits have appeared printed in the wall of a house? A lot of them. And Are they truth or lie?

Fiction or reality, trick or true. I, for example, in the tiled floor of my bathroom I see a lot of images all the days while I am doing my needs and I have anything to read. It amuses me thinking in the possibility that one day a face talk me. But I am not so crazy how to do some photos and go to a journalist that publish this silly story.


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