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Morgan was trapped between amounts of payments which he couldn’t cope. The red numbers in the bank were alarming. The mortgage, the loan for the Porsche, another loan for a 50" HD Plasma TV and the fee for the holidays in Brazil of last year that remained unpaid still, all were debt.

And now a new credit for children that want to go to the University and another for a new washing machine because the old didn’t want to wash more. At least the crises world haven’t taken his job, so one way or another he could to go out of this delicate situation.

- I don’t know how I go to cope these fees. If there was a way to consolidate debt … – he thought searching in Google a sample debt settlement letter to present to a lawyer or something similar.

Then he discovered a page that speaks about debt consolidation. He had heard some neighbours that had must to demand help to some agents in credit counselling.

- To try cost nothing – thought writing in a paper the phone number that was printed in the web page.

Nowadays Morgan, thank you to the help of a trusted source in credit counselling breathes without the stress of to think that in the first week of the month he hadn’t money yet.

And the most important: another day he will think twice before to get things that he can’t afford.


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