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If the other day I spoke about the apparition in an electric iron of a Jesus Christ image, today is the turn for a cow. The calf was born in a farm of Rhode Island, Connecticut (USA). The farmer in the first instant didn’t remark any strange, but few months later in the forehead of the cow appeared a divine signal: a catholic cross. His owner didn’t believe that his eyes were seeing. “I don’t know if I must build a church here, because this is a signal of above sure or maybe that I must to abandon the farm and devote my time to spread the word of God for all the world” said in exclusive declarations to this humble blog.

Christian cross in my hamster

These messages about divine apparitions clearly indicate that people need to believe in spiritual things. People need to know that they don’t be alone, that there is a saintly force protecting them. These thoughts give them the necessary energy for fight in the life. But if you stop to think, really we are alone and anything divine matter will come to save you. If not, how for example can dead a mountaineer lost in a snow storm? Anybody can help him and less a saint coming of the heaven to rescue him.

So these stories about divine signals are a manner to believe oneself that we are walking with bodyguards and that guardian angels provide us the way to advance. Myself, and for feel safer, I need to believe in divinities too, but you must know that who walk in the world is you and there aren’t manner to communicate with divinity for ask her opinion about how you are doing the things.


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