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I recognize that nowadays I am not a passionate about anime and Japanese animated television series, but there are a lot of children and teenagers that love watching these animated cartoons.

It can be because one get older and likes are changing. I remember when I was young I liked watching:

- Mazinger Z, Heidi, G-Force, Ulysses 31…

and when I was teenager I liked:

- Ranma ½, Akira, Knights of the Zodiac, Sailor moon, Dragon ball…

On the Internet you can found a lot of sites that offer you anime online about your preferred series or where to discover new series how for example: “Idaten jump” about a child who likes extreme cycling. And for more information you can consult anime on Wikipedia where you will find how it was born and how was its evolution.

Anime has known to expand its market and to find a lot of new niches and it is in continuous evolution, so others competitors must to improve if not want to be eaten for them. Pixar studios are an example to follow for other companies and how to evaluate in a market that is changing with every generation.

The Mickey Mouse’s times aren’t what they were!


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