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One day you look to the sky and an amazing surprise come to you: a light that moves and disappear suddenly. It’s your fault don’t have to carry with you an apparel photo to immortalize the moment and then to put the photo in your blog and become interrogate for hundreds of journalists anxious to publish this apparition in their newspapers. Above all when with the light you have seen a strange shape of cup that was moving from left to right until horizon eat it and you thought that really it was a spacecraft with an alien into.

Aliens taking a coffee in their planet

But really, this UFO can be a lot of things less a spacecraft driven by an extraterrestrial. In the space there are many satellites that can create the confusion because you ignore what happens there above. One day, a satellite can’t work more and to fall in the Earth. You could see the fall and to think that it is a flying saucer. Or for example, how happened in this info: Russian missile failure sparks UFO frenzy in Norway. A lot of people glad to have seen a true (in their imagination) space ship and results that it was a Russian experiment with a missile. And thank goodness that the test failed, because instead the enjoy to think that aliens were coming could to have pass to tragedy thinking that extraterrestrials were attacking or worst that Russian had become crazy and this was the star of a new world war.


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