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Jules Verne in his famous book “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea” tell us a fantastic story about amazing animals that were living in profound waters. This is for to say that fiction sometimes become reality, because recently an expedition to the ocean deep has discovered thousands of new animal species. And it's curious when we heard to talk about to search life in the space and to try to contact with extraterrestrial aliens when same here in the Earth we have a lot of bugs that will seem how creatures from outer space.

Diver speaking with a submersible mobile phone to annonce the discovery of a new marine species

But what happens with human specie? That we are more parasites than same parasites and we want to invade all without to stop to think and investigate what around is succeeding. And when people try to look into these new discovers then appears new people that say: “Don’t touch this new ecosystem, left immediately because you can to disturb and change it” So it’s the same that a dog biting its tail. But it’s good to know that we aren’t only in the Earth, that they live together us everywhere, though we didn't know about their existence or how they was living.


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