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While many people try to learn a new language others are inventing gadgets for people that don’t want to study or simply, their brain don’t arrive to understand the hundreds of languages that humans speak and they need help with a gadget that does all the task.

Certainly, brain capacity is limited and don’t exist human capable to know all the world languages in the Earth. If this person will existed one could consider him how a kind of superman intelligence.

Alien talking with a scarecrow

The last gadget that had been invented for translation language is some glasses with a system that can translate conversations in real time, and project subtitles onto a user's retina. You know, the next time that you are going to the optician say him that together with the glasses graduation applies this system for you too.

So you can travel all over the world without a lot of dictionaries in your suitcases with the consequent comfort.


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