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Take away the work to home always is dangerous. One must disconnect when the workday is finish and try to think in other things or hobbies. Above all if you have a risk profession, how happened with Mike Tyson in this info: “Mike Tyson arrested 'after fight with paparazzi photographer” If for example, Mike instead to be boxer he was baker the paparazzi in lieu of a strike he could have received a pie in your face.

A computer infected by the Mike Tyson's virus

Some hobbies for Tyson when he isn’t in the ring:

- To help old ladies to hang a picture. With his brute force he doesn't need a hammer to nail a hook in the wall.
- Can’t you go to dentist for a molar that bother you because is Sunday and anything dentist work? You can call Mike, he always is presto to help people.
- And if he wants to win extra cash for a quickly work, the company “Domestic Demolitions, SL” needs often who helps them to break down a building.

You see Mike how there are a lot of things to do best that to go giving punch people.


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