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When first human beings gave their first steps in Earth, they felt the need to contact with others humans. And when they started to travel around, they felt that should have a manner to communicate with other people without the need of traveling.

Same for families, when men went to hunting, who stay in the caves waiting for them needed a manner to know that everything was fine. This necessity is what did work hard the human brain. And with: whistles, clouds of smoke, messenger pigeons... is as human beings did their firsts communications with friends that lived far away.

Nowadays all these old mechanisms that human invented belong to museum. With the great invention of mobile phone, the communication is very simple and to communicate with family or friends is only question of touching a key. I say simple, but for senior people always is a little problem to adapt to new technologies. Recently I offer to my father a mobile phone, because he likes walking in the city and never one knows where he is. So, for him, learning as an easy mobile phone works, it was a hard training session.

I know people that like their mobile phone and it is part of their lives. They can’t pass without sending messages, doing photos, listening music, using it as an alarm clock… because it has become a multipurpose tool. Same for navigate on Internet, play games, watch movies, read books, pay in the supermarket…

What is the future about this little gadget? What else will be able to do in the future? Sure that engineers of impossible are trying to develop new performances each more ingenious and amazing.


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