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Scientists should be more careful about experiments that try to develop animal intelligence. Because they think that all these things are under control but I wonder if they have foreseen the side effects, for example if an animal escape from laboratory. I know that they will say me “you are crazy, all is in absolute security, nothing will happen far away of our laboratories” But always rest the doubt if they manage or not good the situation.

Man laughs of a bird close in a cage

One day a simple drug that a scientist give to animals could do them more intelligent and terrible consequences will happen in the Earth. A new specimen as clever how humans could appear and a lot of new conflicts with them:

- They will demand a territory to establish. Conflict that could carry humans to a war for the possessions.
- They could represent cheap labour but if they are intelligent soon will be representing with syndicates and a new front will be open to diplomats.
- And we have overcome racist problems but with another intelligent life that will want to claim for his rights always will appear xenophobic people.

It isn’t easy try to experiment with animals knowing that a possible error could turn them intelligent.


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