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Publishers are thinking in the new future that will come. The industry book is changing and lectors try to assimilate too the news gadgets that there are in the market and possibly to abandon the paper book.

It isn’t a decision to take now or tomorrow, it will take a lot of years for to see how it develops. But a thing is sure, a long tradition is going to disappear. In the future we will see the book in the museum how another piece of junk.

I tell museum visitors how ancestors read

But until it reaches, both types of books will coexist without alter the industry structure, because the future system is a little primitive still.

Is for that, one can read news how for example: 10 years of selling books in an online age, where we can read about a bookstore that celebre your success nowadays for to hold in the book market. And they will have success for ten years more because electronic book is a thing for a remote future no too distant.


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