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We always are in evolution. Humans have the capacity to imagine a situation and try to invent anything that will be capable to make reality the invention. For example, a man wanted to stop the time into an image, how get it? The man invented the photo machine. Recently I have read this info: Psychic computer shows your thoughts on screen. Could be sci-fi, but it’s true, how the same live!

Couple passing a bad moment

A machine that can read your brain and place pictures in a computer screen about that you are thinking or regards in the past. Hide thoughts don’t be a problem to a police that interrogates a killer. Only some cables fit in the suspect brain and a computer read your secrets exposed in the screen.

This is a viol against the freedom of thought, because this is the only thing that humans can presume: "I can think that my boss is a pig but he doesn’t know", but sure, if this invention is take by governments that will have laws which permit to enter in the human brain.


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